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Info@AlternativeSanctuary.Co.Uk Telephone: 07818 406 619 Registered Charity No.1111406
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The Alternative Sanctuary is a non-profit making organisation, which cares for abandoned and unwanted animals. We are a registered Charity (number 1111406) and always need sponsorship and support to help with the upkeep of the many residents. All of the money, raised or donated, goes toward the upkeep of the animals. None of the animals are ever put down, other than for humanitarian reasons. They stay here for life.

Special Appeal

The Alternative Sanctuary Needs Your Help! We have put together a list of items currently needed here at the sanctuary, should you be able to donate any of the items or make a cash donation toward the costs, it would be greatly appreciated. Even a few pounds - less than your monthly pet insurance costs - will be a big help.

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The Alternative Animal Sanctuary

Important notice!

Please be aware that a ‘change in circumstances’ is NOT a valid reason for dumping your animal, you have taken on the commitment for that animal for their ENTIRE life and not just for as long as you can be bothered.

There are NOT long queues of people waiting to take on ‘unwanted’ animals, thousands of animals are continually being put down because there is NOWHERE for them to go.

I am only one person running a small sanctuary and I would love to take in all animals not cared for by their owners but I just cannot. Think BEFORE you take ANY animal on, it is no good saying "we rescued..." No, you have NOT rescued them if you are now dumping them you are just adding to their problems.

Consider how long an animal lives, how much they cost, what type of accommodation they need and whether you are mature and responsible enough to look after an animal, if ANY of these aspects do not apply to you DO NOT take an animal on.

Everyone's lives change over time, but just as with your children your responsibility to your animals still applies. Please think about this.


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Make a donation to the Alternative Sanctuary using the link below and instantly receive this exclusive ebook absolutely FREE!

Tamara takes you on a journey through the sanctuarys humble beginnings and beyond with this unique insight into her life and all the wonderful work she does.

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Sanctuary Improvements.

Please note: The sanctuary site is now based in Lincolnshire, there is only a collection point in Bedfordshire.

See the sanctuary’s new developments and current progress.


Please Send us your used stamps to help us with our fundraising.

A Bit About Adoption.

Please bear in mind that rescuing an animal is NOT a way of getting an animal for free.

The animals here are animals who have already been badly let down by their previous owners.

If you are looking for an expensive, rare or unusual breed adoption is not a way to get them without having to pay for them. Animals for adoption are ‘in need’ they be old, ugly, ill, damaged by humans or just ‘common’!

They will give you a huge amount in return BUT you MUST want to help them and NOT be looking at what you can get out of them!

Important address information.

Please note the sanctuary's new address in Lincolnshire. With prior approval animals in the Bedfordshire area are welcome at the emergency reception centre located in Pepperstock. To contact us you can call us on 07818406619, email us at or visit our contact page for more details.

Did you know you can make a donation in your will?

The sanctuary offers a ‘do it yourself’ will pack which enables you to write your own will. Once written you simply send it to the solicitor named in the pack to activate it.

Obviously wills are totally confidential documents. The solicitor's fee is currently £45 and so it is a relatively cheap and simple way of ensuring that your final wishes are carried out in the way you want. Please contact us for more information.

Many people die in testate (they have no will upon their passing) which sadly, means their money goes to the state!

Staffies are very sociable dogs!

A group of staffordshire bull terriers resting together. Just to allay any fears that Staffordshire Bull Terriers cannot get on with other dogs!!
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Why not sponsor us by Standing Order?

When instructing your bank, please use the following details to set up your standing order.

Now you can help to raise money for the sanctuary by donating your old mobile phone! It‘s easy, simply send us your old mobile phone and we‘ll recycle it to achieve our donation.

Please send you old mobiles to Chapelry Farm, Langrick Road, New York, Lincoln, LN4 4XH where we‘ll do the rest!

Account Number: 65113563
Sort Code : 08-92-99

Bank Address
The Co-operative Bank
PO Box 250
Delf House

All donations are gratefully received. If you would like to make a one off or irregular donation you can do this by sending a cheque to "The Alternative Animal Sanctuary" Chapelry Farm, Langrick Road, New York, Lincoln, LN4 4XH.

Appeals & Articles.

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