The cats live in converted barns and all have access to outside space

Unfortunately other than a handful of cats the majority must permanently live in catteries while they are here and many will live their lives here.  This is in no way ideal and not what I intended, I didn’t intend to take in ANY cats because of the VERY busy roads nearby and because of the number of dogs I have here and those I do not know the history of. Sadly as with the dog and other animal situation in the country people continually allow their cats to breed and abandon their cats without a care and so the situation as with dogs has become worse than in the last fifty years!  Many of these cats were going to be killed by a large charity as they were deemed un-homeable,  black cats like dogs find it even more difficult than most to find homes, if the cats are old or ill (one of the catteries houses cats with FIV) then no one wants them! My dream is to get another property nearby where all the cats can live in a house and have total freedom, YOUR donations could help this to happen.