Kennels are rarely used at the sanctuary

All the dogs at the sanctuary live together in the house but there are sometimes occasions when I have to leave the farm for short periods of time and the dogs who cannot be left alone in the house go into the kennels. The dogs at the sanctuary do NOT live in kennels, they all live in the house or converted barns, I have always taken in animals no one else will help which used to mean that the animals came here and stayed for life, sadly due to the number of animals, particularly dogs being bred which no one wants especially after they are a few months old the numbers are now at an unsustainable level so that ALL rescues across the country are full to capacity and can no longer take any more dogs in (mainly the Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull breeds are being killed in their thousands), I now try to re-home all dogs who are safe and suitable to go to new homes and there are usually a couple of dogs at the sanctuary who are looking for their own home so please phone (07818406619) to enquire if I have a suitable dog for you bearing in mind that they will mainly be bull breeds. I am not open to the public to come and view dogs in lines of kennels as this is their home where they are free to roam and many do have issues so it is not appropriate for people to come in and visit as the priority is thier welfare and quality of life which I hope you can all understand.