All the horses and ponies have a stable each to rest in at night in the winter

During the summer months the horses and ponies spend their time at grass, sadly as I still do not have sufficient grazing the large horses have to go to Raithby By Spilsby where I visit daily and the farmer who owns the land also keeps a check on them, again when I get the funds to purchase a property nearby this will not be necessary. The ponies who cannot have too much grass and two horses who do not want to leave the ponies stay in my field next door to the farm in New York through the summer. There are stables in both places where the hoses and ponies can be kept in case of injury or emergency and in the winter all the horses and ponies return to the Chapelry Farm where they each have a stable where they are in at night and in the day they are out in the paddock area with as much hay as they want. This is not ideal although to be honest in teh winter all the horses really want is to eat I would still love to get more land nest to the farm so they had more space all year round but this may never happen as farmers are loath to sell land even if I could raise sufficient funds. Many of the horses are now in their late twenties and thirties and a few are into their forties, it is a shame that very few horses get the chance to live so long as people believe that horses MUST have a ‘use’ and people do not like to see old and sometimes thin horses when naturally horses are affected like ALL animals and humans with age and look less good than when they were younger. Please have understanding about horses getting old just as you will in time!