The Paddock Area

The paddock area was grassed recently

The paddock has been wonderful not only for the dogs' enjoyment but also for any delicate horses such as Dolly, the very disabled pony who lived at the sanctuary for a few years before she sadly could not go on any longer, it has been an area to happily live with Ferret and Troy, they have also been joined short term by the three rescued gypsy ponies when they were foals and then the three abused ponieswho needed a lot of care. Sadly I haven’t been very good at taking ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos but believe me this area was a muddy wasteland up until a few months ago so although the dogs did enjoy climbing around here it had little value but since the area has been grassed the wildlife have blossomed the dogs LOVE it and enjoy nothing better than to be able to run around and let off steam and of course the elderly horses who have to stay here because they need extra feed and so cannot be out only on grass all summer have thought it was wonderful to relax and enjoy the sun and good grass.