The Winter Turnout Area

I hope in the near future to purchase more land for the horses at the sanctuary

At present they all go out during the summer months on to my own land and also on to rented land which is quite a journey away so not ideal. In the winter they all come back to the sanctuary which is not ideal but does work reasonably well as they stand and eat as much hay as they want in a winter turn out area, it has taken a long time and a great deal of money in order to prepare it so that it now stays dry during the winter months and I am able to clear up so that there is no mud which is obviously lovely for the horses. Unfortunately the sanctuary still does not have enough land for the horses to be on the grass during the winter and so the best alternative is that they have this area of hard standing where they have free access to horsehage in the barn all through the day and have a large amount of shelter from the weather which particularly as they get older is all the more important. At night-time they all come into their stables.