2nd September 17 Blog

Sadly, Tamara lost Henri last Sunday.  Henri was a beautiful pony who died suddenly at only 15 years old.  This is the hardest part of living with animals.  RIP Henri.

Stanley, the black and white foal joined the sanctuary last week.  He was unwanted by the travelling community and would have been destroyed if Tamara hadn't taken him in.  He's very cute and will grow to be a handsome horse.

Tamara had a chihuahua/collie cross dog in the sanctuary for only a week.  He didn't have any problems and Tamara had a good home waiting so he was adopted straight away.  Tamara said he seemed happy when she left so it looks like a happy ending although it's early days.

Animal of the week is Alfred the pony.  Alfred was a big surprise! Tamara went in the field one morning and there he was.  Alfred is Florence's son. Florence is a small pony so Alfred is quite big for her. Florence arrived with Adina and Luna.  They were all like skeletons and Adina wasn't expected to survive.  Tamara was told that Luna had been gelded but no doubt due to his poor condition it hadn't worked.  The result was Alfred.  Luna has now been successfully gelded.  Alfred is beautiful and although unexpected he is much loved.

The Donington family took part in a coulour run to raise funds for the sanctuary.  They raised an amazing £173!!! Huge thanks to them - having such support makes a big difference.

Megan Koss and Emily Castledine are doing a sponsored horse ride from Louth to Lochness starting on the 7th May 2018.  They've very kindly offered to give the sanctuary a percentage of the money raised.  Have a look at their facebook page - louth2lochness and sponsor them if you can.  A huge thanks to Megan and Emily.

The sanctuary is now using the Paypal account Tamara_lloyd@online.net for donations and payment.

We had a hardstanding appeal running to help the horses.  Following some extremely generous donations the hardstanding appeal reached its target and some! The excess has been put towards a fence appeal to keep Grace the collie from escaping! 

Grace is a dog from Greece who had her ear and tail cut off. She went to numerous homes and could not cope in domestic environments. She was about to be put down so she came here but I was unaware of how obsessed with escaping she is. The majority of the fencing was completed in the summer but a small remainder I thought was safe has proved not to be so I need around £500 to finish the area off. With permission from the donors I hope to put the excess from the hardstanding appeal of £176 towards it to start it off. Thank you all.

You can donate directly to the bank - Account Name:  The Co-Operative Bank The Alternative Sanctuary.  Sort Code:  08 92 99.  Account Number:  65113563, use the Just Giving page on this website or use Paypal - Tamara_lloyd@onlineone.net

The sanctuary now has a poster and a leaflet.  If anyone needs any for fund raising or promoting the sanctuary, please let me know.
Thank you everyone, for all your support.



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