First of many - September 17 Blog

This is our first blog. We want to use the blogs to keep you up to date with news from the sanctuary, details of fund raising and other ways that you can help Tamara look after the animals.

The Amazon wish list is up and running.  Tamara has already had a few deliveries which is really exciting.  The list will be updated as Tamara needs different things.  Jane Murrell had the good idea of also using Asda or any other supermarket/store that delivers, as the best bargains can be found that way.  Tamara would find it easier if deliveries could be made between 12 noon and 2pm.
Details of how to order Tamara's books are on the Homepage.
Tamara can organise animal braces for disabled animals.  Go to 'Support Us' at the top of the Homepage and read details of how to obtain them there.
Kim Donnington's stepsons recently baked lots of cakes and sat outside their house for four hours selling them to neighbours and passers by.  They raised a huge £62 which they used to buy things from the sanctuary's Amazon wish list.  A huge thanks to them!
Steve Kingston and Jimbo had a fundraising stall in Lincoln and raised £80 for the sanctuary.  They're hoping to have another stall in Lincoln nearer Christmas.  Thanks so much Steve and Jimbo.
Birthday cards will be available soon to raise funds.  Sarah took a beautiful picture of Marley which we've used.  Marley is a rotti/carpathian shepherd cross.  He is very calm and gentle - I wanted to bring Marley home with me!
Animal of the week is Bibianna.  She's ten months old and is a Cane Corsa cross Pressa Canaria. Tamara was called by a vet nurse about Bibianna.  She'd been taken in to the vets at five weeks old.  She was starving, weak and not breathing but was resucitated.  She had an infection but the owner wouldn't pay for treatment and wanted her back to sell for £450.  The RSPCA was informed about Bibbianna, her siblings and parents, as their living conditions weren't good at all.  The RSPCA wanted the vet to hand Bibianna back to her owners but Tamara bought her for a lot less than the owner originally wanted and has nursed her back to health.  Tamara also bought Bibianna's siblings and has managed to rehome them.  The mother dog has been sold on to be bred from again.  Bibianna is very nervous but has been taken to puppy classes 100 miles away as there were none in Lincolnshire.  Tamara said "I took her everywhere to get her used to as much as possible.  You have to put in a lot of effort with puppies, especially if they haven't had a great start". You can follow Bibianna on Facebook here.
Thanks for all your support - if anyone wants to do any independent fundraising, please let us know so that we can post on Facebook and the blog.
Louise : )


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