Sanctuary News Roundup

The field has been fertilised, sprayed and seeded and the grass has now come through really well.

The old, struggling horses have gone out and we're all happy to see the back of this very testing winter in many ways.

Some of the bills are decreasing gradually, which is a big relief.

I have caught up with the rug cleaning and just need to sort the repairs out. It has been the start of the big clean and tidy up and now I'm concentrating on getting more land, which is a vital must.

While going through grooming all the horses, it struck me that horses do get a rough deal.  King, who is a lovely horse, stepped on my foot while being groomed, as he's ticklish and knocked me to the floor. He looked horrified and I could see him bracing himself for a beating. When I got up and just carried on grooming him he looked really confused. He stood absolutely stock still and you could see the determination on his face not to let the tickling get the better of him!

It is nice to finally get some good weather but at the moment I look somewhat like a victim of domestic violence - but this is due to ever loving cockerels not appreciating being saved from the pot and me thinking bare arms and legs in the sun would be a good idea!

My challenge at the moment is finding suitable foot wear as the puppies keep taking my shoes and hiding them - I had to go out on an emergency and as time was of the essence I ended up having to wear odd shoes!


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