Billy came to the sanctuary because he was going to be put down because he was dangerous to ride.

He had been a very successful eventer down south. He DEFINITELY was dangerous to ride, he had a BROKEN NECK! He had been pulled over while he was being loaded into a trailer and had not wanted to go in. This was not treated and as horses are NOT ‘designed’ to be ridden AT ALL imagine being ridden when you have a broken neck or back (this is all too common). How are you supposed to communicate this other than trying to get your rider off? Billy’s neck fully healed as they tend to do with adequate rest and treatment although clearly it takes time which often people are not prepared to take, sadly he has residual psychological damage from the injury as even for a horse he is NOT very bright and he is always sacred that his neck will be hurt again and he took years to load into a horsebox (which is all he will load into now!).