Animal Braces

Equine & Canine Braces

Individually Designed for a Custom Fit

Equine and Canine Braces are made by an experienced Orthopedic Brace Manufacturing Company located in Central California. They work closely with veterinarian doctors to insure quality and functionality, maximum comfort and effectiveness to the specific needs of your horse or dog. After extensive research and development the focal point of each brace is to improve the quality of life for horses and dogs.

We currently offer the following via the Alternative Sanctuary:

Support Knee Brace
Osteoarthritis Corrective Knee Brace
KFO - Severe Chronic Flexor Tendon Contracture post op brace
Foal Brace for alignment and support
PIII Boot for Hoof damage
Custom Prosthetics
Fetlock Support




We are proud to be a part of such exciting new technology and hope we can raise the awareness of these products so that fewer animals have to be put down because they cannot be treated.

Each brace is made form a direct cast of the leg for maximum comfort and support. Your Vet will need to take the cast to enable the brace to be built.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Note: Functional braces are designed to improve the quality of life of horses and dogs. Results from each case may vary.