Rehome an animal

We are always taking in cats and dogs in need of a good home. If you are interested in adopting one of our rescue animals, please contact Tamara on 07818406619, all potential homes are thoroughly checked before ANY adoptions are allowed to go ahead. This is to ensure the suitability of the animal to your living environment.

As with all rescues who do not put quotas on what types of dogs they will take The Sanctuary is FULL of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Staffy crosses. I rarely have small dogs coming into rescue as they get snapped up by sanctuaries who want easy to home dogs, ALL the Staffies are lovely dogs with no problems but generally the other dogs I take have certain 'issues'. It is worth phoning to see if other dogs are available at The Sanctuary as I run the sanctuary on my own the website is not always completely up to date and circumstances change frequently. ALWAYS bear in mind that dogs in rescue have already been let down in some way by their previous 'owners' so you MUST be prepared to handle a 'settling in' period where both and you and the new dog will need to adjust to a new situation,  

The sanctuary is ALWAYS there as back up for any adopted dog for LIFE and The Sanctuary remains responsible for adopted dogs for their WHOLE lives and if anything goes wrong at ANYTIME the dog MUST be returned to the Sanctuary.