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Charity Challenge

Everyone‘s doing it, sign up for one of the many open Challenges available and raise money for the sanctuary. Challenges take place in places such as the great wall of China, Kilimanjaro, the Amazon, Thaliand jungle, Cuba and multiple other destinations.

So why not take some time to see the world .. all, in the name, of charity!

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The Switching Helpline

The Alternative Sanctuary have teamed up with the Switching helpline to help you get the best energy deals available.

The Switching Helpline was created specifically to overcome the many and various obstacles preventing a large proportion of the UK’s households from switching to the cheapest energy tariffs available.

Reviewing supply, comparing prices and switching supplier is vital to all UK households in the battle against rising fuel costs. Worryingly though, only a small proportion of the UK population are on the cheapest deals available to them. It’s a remarkable fact, given that switching supplier requires a sacrifice of only a few minutes time and is a completely seamless process, requiring no involvement from the customer once the application has been made. So why not help out the Sanctuary and give them a try!