Sponsor An Animal

Do you like animals but you are not able to care for one at home, how about sponsoring an animal and getting the best of both worlds.

The animals stay at the sanctuary but you get to make a real impact for the better on their life. You can make a one off donation, which will be used to help care for an animal who cannot be rehomed and lives at the sanctuary for life.

To sponsor and animal:

  1. Choose an animal to sponsor from 'Our Animals' on this website. All animals are £10 to sponsor.  You will receive a certificate and a photo of your chosen animal.
  2. Please email fredandtheanimals@gmail.com giving the following information:
    • Name of animal to be sponsored.
    • Name of the person sponsoring - this is the name that will appear on the certificate.
    • Address to post sponsorship pack to.
  3. Please pay via Paypal - Tamara_lloyd@lineone.net  or directly into the bank - Account Name - The Co-Operative Bank The Alternative Animal Sanctuary, Sort Code - 08 92 99, Account Number 65113563 

Thank you for helping the animals.