If you are thinking of volunteering at the Alternative Animal Sanctuary, please be aware that fundraisers for the Alternative Animal Sanctuary are desperately required across the country. Any funds raised go directly towards the up keep of the animals and will therefore benefit them just as much as volunteering.

It is only possible to volunteer at our Lincolnshire site where the main sanctuary is located. The Bedfordshire site only takes in emergency cases before they come to Lincolnshire and therefore we can not offer volunteering opportunities at the Bedfordshire site.

Volunteering at the Alternative Animal Sanctuary

It is possible to volunteer and help the work of The Alternative Animal Sanctuary, however the main need at present is for fundraisers, sadly this is never a very popular option but of course for all charities and especially for animal charities who find very few channels available for funds and particularly in the present climate, donations are dramatically falling off while the number of animals needing homes is increasing. If then you feel you could organise boot sales, collections, sponsored events or any form of fundraising even if it is just spreading the word that would be greatly appreciated.

As is not so surprising people tend to want to volunteer in the summer months when the weather is nice, this is really the time of year when all the animals get the time to ‘chill out’ and the work needs to be done to get everything ready for winter, cleaning up repair work so it is again a matter of needing money to pay for electricians, plumbers, builders etc, unless you are able to help with skilled labour yourself.

In the winter then there is about 8 hours of mucking out of the animals particularly the horses each day so if you can reliably volunteer your time then that would certainly be helpful from about October onwards. You MUST however bear in mind that animals need care EVERY day and sadly I have many people offering to help who then do not bother to turn up or feel that it is acceptable to turn up as and when they feel like it and this is not useful or acceptable as the MOST important aspect of volunteer work is to be reliable so do please think carefully BEFORE you offer help and be sure that you can fulfil your obligations on a long term basis. It obviously takes a great deal of investment of my time when people start volunteer work so if you then only help for a day or two that is detracting from my sanctuary work.

In a fundraising attempt it is possible to spend some time at the sanctuary to understand better how it works. Of course this takes up my time and detracts from sanctuary work so donations to the sanctuary are required. There is the possibility to stay for a day, week end or a week at a time for differing donations to the sanctuary. The accommodation will be VERY basic if you choose to stay however; and you cannot expect that life at the sanctuary will stop and revolve around you, it is a matter of you fitting in with the animals!